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Intuitive Devine Communicatior, Clairvoyant Mentor, Speaker, Researcher & Freedom Lover.

More than just a podcast, “Passionate Mark Podcast” is a coaching guide towards living with purpose, love, and above all, passion. Whether you seek inspiration, guidance, or just a good story, you’ve found the right place.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Personal Development and Spirituality
  • Health and Wellness
  • Lifestyle and Relationships
  • Entrepreneurship and Career
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Society and Culture

Passionate Mind


Welcome to the “Passionate Mark Podcast,” where curiosity meets fervor in every episode. Hosted by Mark Barner, a spirited entrepreneur, IT tech genius, educated multimedia designer, and mentor as a psychic intuitive medium, this podcast journeys into the heart of passion in all its forms.

Each episode of the “Passionate Mark Podcast” features vibrant discussions that delve into the myriad ways people manifest their deepest desires and the universal forces, like the Law of Attraction, that guide us toward our destinies. From practical advice on harnessing personal and spiritual growth to insightful conversations with guests who are pioneers in their fields, we explore what it means to live life passionately.

Mark’s Danish roots and holistic approach, coupled with his technical expertise, bring a unique perspective to topics ranging from technology and design to spirituality and self-improvement. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, looking to ignite your own passions, or simply curious about different walks of life, the “Passionate Mark Podcast” is your gateway to enriching experiences and profound insights.

Join Mark each week as he inspires, educates, and reminds us all why being passionate about what we do is the key to a fulfilling life. Connect with Mark through his adventures and explorations on Instagram @markbarner and dive deeper at


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