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One of my big drives and passions in my world is helping others achieve their goals and balance in life. I have dedicated most my life in one way or another to be at service for my clients, friends and family. I try to motivate with my intuitive insights and I’m always pleased to see people grow from my content and service.

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About Mark

Grew up in a good environment with a bad abusive father and that taught me, the hard way, how to intuitively feel other people’s emotions and imbalances.

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I spend hours, days and years researching topics I find inspiring. I’m very passionate about many different things, which gives me a broad knowledge of most things. I am in many ways a nerd on different subjects – one big one is the psychology and behaviour of humans and how to tame ourselves in a postive direction.

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Mark knows everything 😉

Pain is our greatest teacher – so through much pain and heartship. And being smart is only learning from most of your mistakes. The ones you don’t learn from is usually because you need more pain to teach you.

First of all you can’t get better at life as you are unique as you are and you are the best you can be. That is also why you are reading this and ended up on my website. You want to better yourself! That’s healthy. Admitting your mistakes and seeing them as lessons and not mistakes is a great first step.

What have you been doing that you are successful in? How do you use that same strategy on things you want to become better at?

Research everything you want to learn – like on youtube. If there is no videos there then create them yourself about your process towards your goal.

Wanne be better? Hire me by booking a session.

Consistancy is key. So make a daily routine, by starting every morning.

– Graditude journal

– Evening Journal

– Meditation daily

– Exercise 5 times a week

– Cold plunge/showers every morning

– Quit anything like smoking, sugar-intake, drinking or drugs that can blur your mind or else your will not be in control.

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We all feel that at some point – and if you believe there is a reason to give it your very last try? Then I’m here to help – but I need your devotion.

Think of it this way – death is the easiest way and giving up seems easy. So why not try the hard thing first, which will be asking for help and at least giving it your one last shot – now that you have nothing to loose. At least learn something before giving up!

If you don’t have any patience – then click here.

If you want help then contact me:

Keep going! Fail and fail again. But if you really want it then don’t be fooled by failure – it is the best way to success. If you don’t succeed then you need to figure out if this is really what you want? Or contact me and ill guide you!

Yes join my 30-day life-boosting. Which is a daily live-video guided help for people who really want to boost their mindset and want a balanced life. This is only for people who are serious about life changes and getting closer to healing yourself from heart breaks, lost love, business entrepreneurship or daily motivational coaching.

Measured in optimized mental balance and higher rates of happiness – then I only have succesful cases.


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